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About us

Our Magazine: The AV

The Archaeopteryx Veterinaris (AV) is our semi-scientific journal published five times a year. Four out of five of those AV’s are published in Dutch and the other one in English. Our members can choose to receive the magazine digitally or physically by mail. The AV is full of articles written by our active workgroup members. Each workgroup member can write an article about a topic that has to do with his or her workgroup. In addition to scientific articles, reports of past activities can also be found. Take, for example, a photo report of an excursion. The AV is also packed with fun and interesting facts, recipes, vacancies and so much more!

For those interested, there are possibilities for placing advertisements in the AV. Send an email to info@archaeopteryx-online.com for more information.

The June 2016 AV as an example.