Verslag ICARE 2019

" ICARE is a biennial conference on the subject of birds, reptiles and special mammals. Veterinarians from all over the world are coming there, this year to London. At the conference, new research, case studies and master classes will be presented, but there will also be forums where there is mutual discussion about socially relevant topics. Unfortunately, these kinds of conferences are almost impossible to pay for the average student. My participation in ICARE 2019 was made possible by a sponsorship through Mr. Hooimeijer.This sponsorship is intended to introduce students of Veterinary Medicine with the developments in avian medicine. In this way not only me, but also a student from Toulouse could attend the congress. For students, the research presentations are not immediately practical, but the information is very interesting. It makes you get ideas and it raises questions you can ask the most progressive thinking people in the world of avian medicine. This way you can talk to veterinarians from all over the world, who are happy to share experience and knowledge and give advice. Lunch with James Harris was the highlight of the event! I also met an amazing number of students, including from France and Taiwan, with whom I keep in touch to exchange ideas. The student from Toulouse is organizing a seminar at her university, where Irene Pepperberg and drs. Hooimeijer come to speak. Thanks to these contacts, I can not only attend this seminar, but now I have acquaintances from Denmark to Tasmania who have studied the medicine of birds and other special animals. I did not expect it in advance, but sharing knowledge at such a conference is just the tip of the iceberg. A larger international network is really of great value and taste for more! "

- Nouki Smeur