Parrot Behaviour and Welfare


Emergency Response Oiled Wildlife / Oil Bird Response

Date: Fall 2022
Location: University of Utrecht
Duration/length training: Two days (during a weekend)
Organisation: SON-Response
Cost: None  

The EUROWA Veterinary training is organized by SON-Respons in collaboration with Sea Alarm, the University of Utrecht and the Veterinary Association for Birds and Special Animals Archeopteryx. The training is made possible by Rijkswaterstaat Zee Delta within the Preparedness Program Cooperation Besmeurde Vogels 2017-2022.
1.    Training Veterinarians and Veterinarians in training who are interested in playing a role in a large-scale oil bird response in the Netherlands or Europe
2.    Establishing close cooperation and trust between the participants


The training is open to students of Veterinary Medicine and Vets, with an interest in wild birds and/or calamities with consequences for wild animals. Preference is given to Master's students because it is expected that they will obtain their diploma in the short term and thus become qualified veterinarians.


Accreditation and Conditions
Participants will be accredited as Specialist Veterinarians within the EUROWA (European Wildlife Assistance) database at the time of graduation. Participants are registered as such in the Dutch SON-Response database and in the European EUROWA database. Registered veterinarians in the databases can be invited to participate in a response (or exercises) but participation is not mandatory. 


Contents Program (subject to change)
Day 1: Theory
•    Effects of oil on birds, the 'keeping' of waterfowl
•    Oil bird health and veterinary work
•    The Temporary Rescue Center for Birds in Emergency Response

Day 2: Skills 
•    Table top exercises
o    How does the intake department work during a large-scale response 
o    The flow of birds in a Temporary Bird Shelter
•    Demonstration necropsy of seabirds

Number of seats: 15 
Registration: email 
Mention: student bachelor/ student master/ veterinarian and motivation 
Tentative registration deadline: April 30, 2022 
Confirmation of participation: no later than 15 May 2022




Oiled Birds 2-10 Feb 2022 SON-Respons (1).jpeg