Working groups and Committees

Our Working Groups and Committees

Working groups

A working group organizes excursions, lectures and workshops to expand the knowledge of students and other interested parties about the special animal species. It all starts with an idea for an activity. Workgroup members submit their own ideas to the rest of the group. If the rest also likes the idea, the working group will look for a suitable speaker who can talk about the subject. In this way the members of a working group can give their own interpretation of the content of the activities that are organized. In addition, it is of course a fantastic way to expand your network within the veterinary world of special animals. In addition to organizing activities, workgroup members alternately write an article for our magazine, the Archeopteryx Veterinaris (AV), which is published five times a year.

About once a month you meet as a working group to keep each other informed about the activities within the group. These meetings are usually held in someone's home in the evening, but sometimes it can also be easy to get together in the break room immediately after school. Often there is first cozy dinner together. A working group is therefore not only very educational, but also very fun!

Because only a few people are organizing an activity at a time, you will sometimes be a bit calmer and sometimes a bit busier. Being a member of a working group is easy to combine with the study and generally does not take much time.

Would you like to join one of our workgroups or would you like some additional information? Send an email to archaeopteryx@uu.nl . We are always looking for new enthusiastic members!

The five working groups of Archaeopteryx are:

- Wildlife working group

- Terrarium working group

- Aquafauna working group

- Bird working group

- Rabbits, rodents and ferrets (KKF) working group


In addition to the five working groups, Archaeopteryx also has six committees. These organize the larger and other activities that fall outside the regular lectures, excursions and workshops. This includes our annual symposium, the information market about and with all kinds of special animals in the hall of the Androclus building and the annual foreign excursion. In addition, the Sandwich committee ensures that you can always come to us for a tasty toasted sandwich and the master committee organizes various activities to offer the master students a bit more depth and challenge.

We are always looking for new enthusiastic members for the committees! Would you like to do this or do you want some more information, please send an email to archaeopteryx@uu.nl .

Archeopteryx's six committees are:

- Symposium committee

- Info market committee

- Master committee

- Foreign excursion (BLE) committee

- Sandwich committee

- Audit committee