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Become A Member

As a veterinary student, you can become a member of our association for only €9 per calendar year. Non-Veterinary Medicine students pay €18 per calendar year. As a member you may enjoy the following benefits:

- Five times a year the Archaeopteryx Veterinaris (our semi-scientific magazine)

- Free access to all lectures

- Discounts on workshops and excursions

- Possibility to participate in a working group/committee

- Lots of fun!

You can become a member by filling in a registration form. Because we also need a signature, it is easiest to fill in this form with us during the break (12.45-13.15). During the break there will always be someone from the board who can give you a form. In addition, we always have registration forms with our activities.


If you are not able to stop by, our registration form can also be found here and can be

download as word file. The fully completed form (including signature) maybe

sent to

The contribution for the coming year will be collected in December.  


Want to end your membership?

You can cancel your membership for the coming calendar year until November 30th at the latest. This can be done by sending an email to

Upon graduation, the contribution will be increased to €18. You will receive an e-mail about this as a reminder.