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Parrot Behaviour and Welfare

On June 11, Dr. Irene Pepperberg and Drs. Jan Hooimeijer will give a seminar on the behavior and welfare of parrots. The intelligence and welfare of the animals in captivity will be discussed, as well as undesired behaviour. The 5-step behavior protocol and the Rival/Model approach will also be discussed.

Date: June 11 2022
Time: Start 9:00 AM, End 17:15 PM
Location: Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Utrecht University (exact location TBD)
CS credits: 5
CPD credits: 6
Price: €10 for students, €150 for others (lunch included)


The deadline for registration is Friday, June 3rd 11:59pm

Registrations after this deadline will not be eligible for the included lunch.

Only a limited number of places are available. Therefore, Archeopteryx will send an email in order to confirm your reservation. This e-mail will contain the information necessary to complete payment, after which your reservation will be made definitive.

Should you encounter any problems or have any questions , do not hesitate to contact us by sending an e-mail to . This is also possible in Dutch.

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