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About us

Sponsors and Cooperation

Become a sponsor of Archeopteryx!


Archeopteryx is the study association for birds and special animals. We have been established within the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine for more than 30 years. We now have no less than 1100 members! These are not only students but also graduated veterinarians, paraveterinary and other animal lovers. So a large target group!


Your financial support offers us the opportunity to organize various activities and to publish our association magazine: the Archeopteryx Veterinaris. In return, we offer various possibilities to advertise your company within our association.


To list the sponsorship options, a sponsor brochure has been compiled for you. This is available on request.

In this brochure you will find the profile of the association and all sponsorship opportunities are explained. There are countless ways to sponsor Archeopteryx. Therefore, you will see that the prices range from € 50 for sponsoring a lecture to, for example, € 500 for a sponsor package.


We are always willing to discuss with you which option is best for both parties. In this way we think we are a good cooperation partner. We look forward to a good future cooperation! Send an email to vice.voorzitter.archaeopteryx@gmail.com for more information.

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Wij zijn altijd bereid met u te kijken welke mogelijkheid het beste past voor beiden partijen. Op deze manier denken wij dat wij een goede samenwerking partner te zijn. We kijken uit naar een goede toekomstige samenwerking!


Stuur een mailtje naar: 

sponsor@archaeopteryx-online.com of info@archaeopteryx-online.com voor meer informatie.