BLE Archaeopteryx 2019 Slovenia

Sarona Berkouwer, Secretary of Archaeopteryx & ex-chairman of the BLE committee


In 2019, study association Archaeopteryx organized an excursion abroad where a lot of cool activities were planned. In addition, this year we brought more people than usual, 38 people to a special destination. Read on to find out what we've been up to!

In 2019 we traveled from 15 to 19 March in picturesque Slovenia and stayed not in one place, but two! We started our journey in Bled, normally a popular tourist attraction because of the beautiful lake, but fortunately there were not much tourist in March. We were also treated to wonderful spring temperatures! This allowed us to quickly take off the winter coat on arrival at our hostel which was centrally located in the old town (Bled Hostel, Grajska cesta 22, Bled 4260, Slovenia). The first day we explored the beautiful surroundings where we quickly stumbled upon the iconic Bled Lake.


Another nice thing was the possibility to rent a canoe which you could sail to the island that is located in the middle of the lake. So to speak, the group started the hike and some have ventured the canoe trip to the other side. Halfway through the walk we took the exit to the viewpoint over the lake. Most will not soon forget this upward journey, but the result was well worth it!


At the end of the day we had dinner together in the center of Bled and ended the day in the hostel pub where everyone showed their best dance moves!


We couldn't make it very late that evening, because the next day two cool activities were planned. One half of the group started riding through the Triglav National Park and the other half exchanged the good weather for snow and huskies! For this we had to drive an hour to Italy where the group was waiting for a crash course in Mushing. We also had the necessary movement, because on uphill sections we had to step along.  This makes Mushing a real team sport between dog and Musher! The next day, the groups exchanged activity so that everyone did both activities.


Sunday afternoon we continue our journey to urban Ljubljana. Once here we had half a day to explore the capital of Slovenia. Ljubljana has several nice sights, including the castle (Ljubljanski grad) where you have a good overview of the city. The dragon is the symbol of Ljubljana and these mythical animals can be found several times in the city. The Dragon Bridge (Zmaski Most) that crosses the river in the historic center is characterized by a total of 4 dragons guarding the bridge on either side. Also in the castle you will find several images of the dragon and there is even a photo booth where you can imagine yourself as a dragon!


Our last full day in Ljubljana was dominated by the visit to the veterinary faculty, thanks to the Slovenian IVSA (International Veterinary Students'Association). The plan was to walk to the faculty that day, but bad weather made that impossible. Eventually we went to the faculty with taxis where we were kindly received by the IVSA and the vice-dean. Once settled with Slovenian biscuits, we received a short presentation of what the study looks like in Slovenia, after which we received an extensive tour of the faculty grounds. Very nice to see what the situation for the veterinary student looks like abroad!


The last night in Ljubljana we tasted the nightlife through a pub crawl. The enthusiastic pub crawl leader showed us the best bars and clubs in Ljubljana. Tired of all impressions, we flew back to the Netherlands the next morning.


See you next year!!



This beautiful trip was not possible without my BLE committee 2019:

Elja Jeunink

Nika van Wieringen

Naomi Pruijssers

Nina Peijs

Suzan van Leeuwen

Coco Walch