Working groups and Committees

Aquafauna working group

The aquafauna working group organizes lectures and excursions related to all living things that live in our oceans and waters. We pay attention to sharks, whales and exotic fish, but also to sea animals such as the seal. Cozy meetings take place regularly. Here we discuss new ideas and the progress of existing plans.


A well-known annual activity is the successful excursion to the Dolfinarium, where we get a behind-the-scenes look from vet Pauline Bunskoek. A very unique experience! In addition, in the past year we traveled twice to the northernmost tip of Groningen, where we received a tour of the seal center Pieterburen.

Because the curriculum does not or hardly discuss aquafauna, this working group offers members and students an opportunity to learn more about this subject and get in touch with specialists in this world.

The current working group members

- Rens Lindeboom (chairman)

- Marloes van Wijngaarden
- Nadia Lahaye
- Meike van Leerdam
- Danielle Maris
- Sophie Binnerts
- Guus Hulshof

- Roos-Anne Jansen
- Denise Blok

- Nuria Boersma