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Working groups and Committees

Wildlife working group

This very pleasant working group keeps both students and veterinarians informed about all kinds of wild news. Wildlife means the foxes and deer in the backyard as well as the big cats in Africa or the giant pandas in Asia. So there is something for everyone!


Due to great success, there are several activities that recur annually. Examples include an excursion to a camel dairy, behavioral lectures, behind-the-scenes viewing at zoos and a workshop shooting anesthetic arrows. In this way, the newest members of Archaeopteryx as well as senior students have the opportunity to participate in these activities.


By organizing activities, there are opportunities to make contact with veterinarians who specialize in the wildlife sector. This applies to both Dutch and foreign specialists. By joining the Wildlife Working group you can establish a basic network of contacts that can be very useful later in the study or professionally. There are also plenty of opportunities to submit your own ideas for new activities. Most lectures are very topical, but other informative topics are also discussed.

The current working group members

- Elja Jeunink (chairman)

- Zelie Hofman

- Margot Kouwenberg

- Coco Walch

- Suzan van Leeuwen

- Caroline Hoogeveen

- Savanna Rullens

- Susanne Mouse

- Robin Evers

- Helene Kuijper

- Timo Westdorp