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Image by Joshua J. Cotten

Archaeopteryx Veterinaris

The Archaeopteryx Veterinaris (AV) is our semi-scientific journal that is published five times a year. Our members can choose whether they want to receive the magazine digitally or by post. The AV is full of articles written by our active working group members. Each workgroup member has a turn and is allowed to come up with a topic related to his or her workgroup. In addition to scientific articles, reports of past activities can also be found. For example, consider a photo report of an excursion. In addition, it is packed with fun and interesting facts, recipes, vacancies and much more!

For those interested, there are options for placing advertisements in the AV. Send an email to for more information.

Archaeopteryx is committed to sustainability and wants to contribute to this with the digital AV. Do you think the AV is beautiful, but do you also like trees? In that case, indicate on the registration form that you would like to receive the AV digitally. Then you will easily receive it in your mailbox. That way you can access it anytime, anywhere!

Are you already a member and would you rather receive the AV in your mailbox than on your doorstep? Send an email to Do you still want to receive a specific AV on paper, for example because it contains your own article? Then you can also indicate this by e-mail to our secretary. You will then simply receive the relevant edition on paper free of charge!

Jaargang 29
Jaargang 28
Jaargang 28
Jaargang 29
Jaargang 29

Are you not excited yet? Then quickly read this sample AV to get in the mood!

Looking for sources of articles? From year 30 and up they can all be found here!

Own photo in the AV?

Our Archaeopteryx photo database was set up in 2021. Here you can upload your photos of wild animals, rodents, fish, birds, reptiles, etc. These photos can then be used for our association magazine, social media, posters and the website with your name tagged as a photographer. Do you like taking pictures yourself? Would you like to see your photo with your name appear on the next AV cover? And do you have high quality wildlife pictures? Upload them via the button below!

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