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Bird working group

As the name suggests, the bird working group is concerned with everything that has to do with birds. These can be all kinds of birds, from impressive birds of prey to the most beautiful birds of paradise. During the meetings, each working group member brings in his own ideas for excursions, workshops, and lectures and then gets to work on organizing this.

The activities that are organized are different every year, but there is one activity that keeps coming back because of its success. This is the well-known bird first aid, given by honorary member Dr. Yvonne van Zeeland.

Besides introducing new ideas, it is also a fantastic opportunity to network within the bird world. One of the possibilities for networking is through the Association of Avian Veterinarians (AAV). The AAV is an international professional organization dedicated to promoting the health, welfare and conservation of birds. 

By organizing activities, contacts with specialists, practices and organizations are easily established and this can be of enormous benefit later on if you want to focus on avian medicine.  

  Would you like to help organize these fun activities? Then sign up quickly!

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