BLE committee

Every year we organize a foreign excursion together with the active members of the BLE committee. This takes place every time in a different city somewhere in Europe. For example, in 2017 we went to Talinn, Estonia, in 2018 we went to Malaga in Spain and in 2019 we traveled to Ljubljana in Slovenia.

Click here for a report of the BLE to Slovenia of 2019!


Our BLE excursion has worked very hard this year to organize a super fun Foreign Excursion for you. The location is now known: we will travel to beautiful Budapest, Hungary from 7 to 11 March 2020! The excursion includes activities that are veterinary relevant, such as visiting the local Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and visiting the zoo. Of course there are also many other activities, such as pub crawls or excursions to discover the city.


The BLE committee of 2019-2020

- Thijs Cliteur (chairman)

- Nicole Kroeze

- Bente Hoogervorst

- Ramona ter Maat

- Martin Végh

- Alex Ockhuizen

- Michelle Boonstra

- Inge van Heumen

BLE commissie foto.jpeg