Because there are many lectures and excursions within Archaeopteryx aimed at bachelor students, we sometimes miss the depth for the students in the master. To gain more attention for birds and special animals on the master level, Archaeopteryx has had a master's committee since May 2015. The aim is to organize more activities that are given at master's level, especially those that you may encounter in later careers. For example, how do you do an ovariohysterectomy in a rabbit? Or what medication can and should I not administer to the special animals? The committee will get to work on these kinds of questions and topics!

The current Master Committee

- Hannah Spaander (chairman)

- Jolien Kuis

- Marijn Silbermann

- Simone Goedemans

- Myrna van der Plas

- Tessa Langelaar

- Leanne Kosterink

- Linda Smolders

- Sabine Baerts

- Anne van Beest