Info Market Committee

Every year at the beginning of October Archaeopteryx organizes an information market with all kinds of different animal species. Various foundations, companies and hobbyists are together with their animals ready to teach everyone about the special animal species that are increasingly seen in practice. Think for example of donkeys, tarantulas, scorpions, parrots, turtles, ferrets, snakes and rodents. Many of these animals are present every year, which makes it very fun and interesting to walk around the info market. As a highlight, there will probably even be alpacas present this year! The owners of the animals know all about it so you can ask your (craziest) questions.

The 2019 information market commission 

- Sarona Berkouwer (Chairman)

- Louise Kors

- Nynke Schuur

- Kayli Hukerns

- Bente Hoogervorst

- Femke Buffing

- Jade van den Brakel

De commissie voor de

infomarkt 2020 

- Mara Brandt (Voorzitter)

- Simon Grijmans

- Aimee Sardijo

- Tim Haverkort

- Puck Heijenrath

- Louise Vertogen 

- Lotte Golverdingen

- Esmee Greveling

- Ilse Scholte Albers

- Nora Entius 

- Josephine Schipper