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Image by Geran de Klerk

Photo Database

The 'Archy photo database' has been set up in 2021! Here you can upload your photos of wild animals, rodents, fish, birds, reptiles, etc. These photos can then be used for our association magazine, social media, posters and the website with your name as a photographer. Do you like taking pictures yourself? Would you like to see your photo with your name appear on the next AV cover? And do you have high quality wildlife pictures? upload them via this link !

A few of the developers of the course from left to right

Elja Jeunink, Marleen Wolters, Jennifer van Alphen, Guus Hulshof, Aimee Sardijo-Brouwer

Willemijn Dinklo, Lotte Stikvoort, Robin Sommeling, Rens Lindeboom, Anna Wittenberg

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