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KKF working group

The KKF working group organizes all kinds of activities related to rabbits, rodents and ferrets. You can think of behavioral lectures, dental lectures, case studies evenings, rat neutralization practicals and even a KKF first aid.


Because there is little education about these animals, these evenings are often crowded. As a vet you can expect a lot of ordents in your clinic. Rabbits and rodents are animals that are considered 'easy to keep', so they are often given to children. But these animals in particular need good care, which they are unfortunately often not offered.


Do you want to keep up to date on rabbits, rodents and ferrets? Keep an eye on the activities of the KKF! If you want to organize activities yourself and broaden your network within the gnawing world, sign up for this fun working group and help us.

The current working group members

- Cindy Wijsman (Chairman)

- Jolien Kuis

- Ineke Kalkman

- Babeth van Loon

- Sandra de Jong

- Liora Jongerius

- Sarona Berkouwer

- Josje Krasenberg

- Leanne Kosterink

- Femke Meijer

- Meike Brouwers

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