Symposium Committee

The symposium committee organizes the annual symposium of Archaeopteryx. This year the symposium will take place in one of the last two weeks of April. We are currently aiming for April 30, 2020. Unfortunately this activity was canceled due to the corona crisis.

The Archaeopteryx annual symposium is organized every year by a committee of volunteers. Through five lectures at an academic level, the five working groups represented by Archaeopteryx will be discussed: rabbits and rodents, terrarium animals, aquafauna, birds and wildlife. The diversity within the symposium makes it a very popular event among our members and external parties and attracts between 125 and 200 participants each year! Also take a look at our photo archive.


Sponsoring the symposium?

We are looking for companies that want to offer financial support for organizing our annual symposium. You can also support us by supplying goodies that will be distributed to the participants during the symposium.

We have a symposium-sponsor brochure for the sponsor possibilities we offer.

Contact us at or

The 2019/2020 symposium committee

- Mara Brandt (chairman)

- Anne Poelstra
- Annika Stokvis
- Fianne Ketelaars
- Immelie Coenen Morales
- Naomi Pruijssers