Working groups and Committees

Terrarium working group

The terrarium working group introduces students and indulge in reptiles, amphibians, insects and arthropods.


Terrarium animals are often considered scary, while these animals are extremely interesting. Hopefully, by educating people about these fascinating animals, this fear can be removed. The 'Scary Bugs Lecture', a lecture on scorpions and spiders, in which students could even hold these animals, was therefore a great success and will certainly return again in the future.

The working group is very close to each other and consists of enthusiastic students who are eager to show the fun and fascinating side of terrarium animals.

The current working group members
- Thijs Cliteur (chairman)

- Sigrid Hunter
- Lisanne Kappert
- Marilijn van Rumpt
- Raquel van Velzen
- Joshua Bom
- Michelle Boonstra
- Anouk Veldhuizen
- Inge van Heumen
- Maartje mooijman

- Doortje van Reekum

The current working group members

- Rens Lindeboom (chairman)

- Marloes van Wijngaarden
- Nadia Lahaye
- Meike van Leerdam
- Danielle Maris
- Sophie Binnerts
- Guus Hulshof

- Roos-Anne Jansen
- Denise Blok

- Nuria Boersma