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Image by Wolfgang Hasselmann

Sandwich Committee

In addition to organizing various types of excursions, workshops and lectures, we are also happy to meet the other needs of the student. And what could be better than offering food for a low price?! Our sandwiches literally fly over the counter like grilled sandwiches for €0.60 to a maximum of €0.80 per sandwich, depending on the amount of toppings. We notice that this is very much appreciated among the students and we are particularly known for our grilled sandwiches among the freshmen!

Our sandwich committee consists of students who are willing to go shopping once in a while (at the expense of Archaeopteryx of course) to replenish our sandwich stock. Of course, the sandwiches also have to be made so that they can be sold and eaten immediately during the break. To thank our sandwich committee members, they each receive a number of sandwiches for free.

Of course, the committee is much more than just shopping: it involves a lot of fun! For example, we organize a 'grilled sandwich tasting' for all committee members every month. During this tasting, each member comes up with an idea for the new sandwich of the month, after which we taste all these ideas ourselves in order to choose the tastiest sandwich.

  Would you like to help design cool sandwiches? Then sign up quickly!

Questions or need more information? Contact:

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