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Image by Gary Bendig

Confidential contact person


Quentin Nijenhuis


My name is Quinten and I am currently in the master, in addition I enjoyed being a board member at Archeopteryx in 2021-2022. So I know the association well and I want to make good use of it as a confidential contact person. If you want to share something in confidence, you can contact me and we'll talk about it!

You can reach me at

Giselle Fransen.jpg

Giselle Fransen

Ik ben Giselle en samen met Quinten heb ik in het bestuur gezeten van Archaeopteryx in 2021-2022. Ik zit nu in het 3e jaar van de bachelor en ben nog regelmatig in het Archy hok te vinden onder het genot van een tosti. Mocht je iets in vertrouwen bij mij kwijt willen, kan je dat kenbaar maken via :) !



From VIDIUS we have three confidential advisers for our members and member organisations. For example, if you need a case of undesirable behavior or a certain degree of conflict mediation within your board and you do not have a confidential (contact) person at your association, you can contact one of our three confidential contact persons to help or advise you. guiding you to the right help.

Our confidential contact persons are also there for individual members, of course! If they are confronted with undesirable behavior (such as sexually transgressive behaviour, discrimination or bullying) or need help in finding the right help for, for example, a burnout, study delay or other difficult situation, individual members can make use of our confidants. The VIDIUS confidential advisers are Tom Buster, Truusje Voorthuis and Marianne Vrieling. They can be reached via confidential

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