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Let's Go Africa

Let's Go Africa is an agency that organizes trips for internships and volunteer work abroad. Please take a look at the site. We have listed the following vacancies that are of interest to members:

1.    Marine Biology and Conservation projects Mauritius 

2.   Conservation & Wildlife Ecology, Swaziland 

3.   Animal care and Biology project, Zanzibar

4.   Marine Conservation project, Mozambique

5.   Giant land Tortoise Conservation volunteer project Rodrigues


Sukulu Reserve

Sukulu Reserve is a nature reserve located in southern Zambia. The reserve mainly focuses on the preservation of the white rhinoceros. A course is given multiple times per year for veterinary students. In this course you'll be able to learn more about local wildlife, veterinary medicine in wildlife species and you'll get the opportunity to work with these animals. 

For more information, you can mail to:



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Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary is a non-profit organisation located in Costa Rica who focuses on the presevration, rehabilitation and release of native wildlife. Besides veterinary care, Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary is involved in education programs that focus on teavching the local people about wildlife. Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary also offers various types of internships, including a veterinary internship! Interested? Please visit their website for more information!

Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary

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Cikananga Wildlife Center

Cikananga Wildlife Center is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the conservation of Indonesian nature and wildlife. They aim to provide the highest standards of animal care to the animals that come in. Most animals coming into the Wildlife Center have been seized by authorities and were initially involved in illegal animal trade. Sometimes animals come from human-wildlife conflicts. Cikananga Wildlife Centre has a veterinary internship programme.

Interested? Please visit their website for more information! 

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