European Wildlife Disease Association


The European Wildlife Disease Association (EWDA) is the European branch of the Wildlife Disease Association (WDA). In addition to the EWDA, the WDA has other branches that are spread all over the world. There is the WDA Autralasia, WDA African Middle East, WDA Latin America and many more. Each section has its own Student Chapter and each association selects the country representatives for their countries.

The WDA has a number of points it focuses on:

  • Animal species threatened with extinction

  • Wildlife conservation, translocation and rehabilitation,

  • Zoos

  • Public health

  • Ecology of wildlife diseases

Country representative

Since January 1, 2020, two Archaeopteryx board members have been Dutch country representatives of the EWDA. With the network of the EWDA we want to disseminate the knowledge about health and diseases in wildlife in the Netherlands and all over the world. This means that we want to organize lectures, workshops and many other events in cooperation with the EWDA. This fits exactly in the vein of Archeopteryx. At the end of November 2019, the first reading in collaboration with the EWDA was already a fact. Together with our contact person at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, we organized a lecture about the airways in general and a research about bacteria in the airways of whales.


We hope that through this collaboration we can make more use of international speakers for our lectures and that we can also expand the network for our members even further.