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Image by Michael Worden

What is the lustrum?

Hey everyone,

Nice of you to look at the page of the lustrum. From 5 to 9 February 2024, Archaeopteryx will celebrate its 7th lustrum, and we are happy to do this together with you! The lustrum committee will work hard together with the subcommittees to make it a great party. There will be a lot to do, not only in February 2024, but also in the run-up to the lustrum. The pre-luco will organize various activities in advance to create a good atmosphere. So that during the lustrum week we can really go wild.
The theme of the lustrum is 'the seven seas'. We are going to sail the seven seas together, in the figurative and poetic sense of the statement. The seven seas indicates having a lot of experience and knowledge. Archaeopteryx will certainly have a lot of experience and knowledge next year at 35 years old. There will be many different activities, both educational and super fun. Because a few good parties can certainly not be overlooked! All activities will be announced through our socials and here on the website. So keep an eye on this and don't miss anything! In any case, we are very excited to get started next year and to set up a great week together with the subcommittees!

The 7th lustrum committee of Archaeopteryx 'Manta'

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